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Fort Worth Museum of Science and History’s Research and Learning Center brings the NOW of science to the museum! As researchers conduct their active studies in the museum, museum guests can engage in the scientific discovery process by participating in current research studies, talking with the scientists, and learning how the research impacts their day-to-day lives. 

The Research and Learning Center is based on the Living Laboratory®, developed at the Museum of Science, Boston, with support from the National Science Foundation (see  Researchers will work in the Research and Learning Center each Saturday. To download our most recent newsletter, click here.

To see an overview of a recent study, click on the video below.


Congratulations to the Research and Learning Center...2016 International Mind, Brain, and Education Society Award Winner!



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Fun Fact

Peter D. Parks was awarded the Gordon E. Sawyer Award at the 2003 Academy Awards for his work on Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure.

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