Maker Studio

Spring 2018

Maker Studio is back for Spring 2018!
Visit Innovation Studios this March through May for an exciting new group of
DIY activities led by Make
rs and staff here at the museum. 


Spring Drop-In Times:

Saturday, ALL DAY, 10 AM - 5 PM 

Feel free to drop into Maker Studio during any of these times! All activities are included with general admission to the museum and are available for guests ages 8 and up. (Participation in Maker Studio is first-come, first-served and, due to limited space and time, is not open for field trip groups.)

Upcoming Maker Studio Dates:

June 30th-July 2nd: Light and Sound
Explore how Art and Technology can combine as we play with Light and Sound in this week’s Maker Studio! Use light and special materials to create artistic shadows and then use motors and code to set them in motion. Then try your hand at creating a sound based program using Scratch and controlling it with unique objects and a MakeyMakey. Blur the lines of art and science in this week’s Maker Studio!
July 14th-16th: Leatherworking
Learn how leather is cut and tooled into amazing designs while you create your own small project! You’ll have the opportunity to try cutting and stamping your project or go deeper and learn how to add snaps and lacing.
July 21st-23rd: Cardboard Arcade
Last year’s summertime hit is back: Cardboard Arcade! Based off the concept of Caine’s Arcade, you can help design and build your own cardboard game. Make something big to leave behind like a miniature golf challenge or make something smaller to take home like a handheld pinball machine!
July 28th-30th: DIY Chain Maille
Discover the ancient craft of chain maille! Learn how to craft your own rings and join them together to make fun wearables and art. You can also check out how to recycle can tabs as a green way to make awesome armor and jewelry. Lastly, visit on Saturday and you’ll get to meet a local chain maille expert who can help guide you through awesome projects throughout the day!
August 4th-6th: Plant to Plate
Get your hands dirty and you learn how to DIY your own chia pet and then wash up as you take on the world of molecular gastronomy. You’ll learn about basics such gelification and spherification as well as be able to see special demonstrations on how to make hot ice cream! 
August 11th-13th: TECHtiles
A classic Maker Studio theme, check out how knitting and coding are related and then try fusing plastic to create your own “green” fabric. Learn basic sewing skills as you get to try your hand at using a real sewing machine. Try creating a reusable tote bag, waterproof hat, or tool bag!

March 3rd
Cardboard Instruments
Try creating your own instruments using cardboard, craft supplies, and recyclables! Want to dial it to 11? Try adding technology that allows you to use circuitry to turn your cardboard masterpiece into an electric instrument!

April 7th
Math and metal combine in this classic Maker Studio theme: The Art of Chainmaille! Learn how to create a basic 4-in-1 weave and then move into other traditional patterns. Try creating a bracelet, earrings, or hair clip!

May 5th
Arduino Kaleidoscopes
Art and technology work together to create a kaleidoscope like you’ve never seen before! Upcycle an old CD, decorate it, and learn to code a microcontroller to set your art into motion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Maker Studio?

Maker Studio is a pop-up space located in Innovation Studios designed to give guests ages 8 & up an opportunity to engage with local Makers and have hands-on making experiences.

What is Making?

Making is a unique way of “learning through doing” and getting hands-on using technology. Making can involve everything from low-tech crafting tools to high-tech computerized and electrical components. The idea is to create new things and do so in a culture that celebrates sharing ideas and learning together how to DIY.

When is Maker Studio open?

During the school year (October-May), Maker Studio will be open the first weekend of the month from 10 AM – 5 PM on Saturday. During summer, Maker Studio operates 6-8 weeks from June through August.

Does it cost anything to participate in Maker Studio?

Maker Studio activities are included with regular museum admission and are not an additional charge.

Why ages 8 & up?

Maker Studio is designed to be a space where older students and adults can work independently on maker projects. Many of these activities require the use of tools that are not suitable for younger students to utilize on their own, such as drills, soldering irons, high-temperature glue guns, or electronic components. Also, much of the content explored in Maker Studio activities requires some background knowledge of concepts that are not typically taught to younger students. Lastly, there are spaces within the museum that cater to the learning needs of younger guests, and Maker Studio provides that same structure for older guests as a safe place to explore activities that meet their learning needs.

Families that have children younger than eight are welcome to stay near the space to observe older siblings. Activities for younger children are typically located nearby outside the dedicated Maker Studio area as an additional option for younger siblings. Parents/Guardians are also welcome to allow their children ages 8 & up to stay in Maker Studio and work independently while their adult supervisor stays on-site nearby in the museum.

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Fun Fact
Every year, the Museum provides almost 200,000 hours of science and social studies education for Texas students.

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