Thank you for your interest in educational programs available for you and your child at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.  Here are just a few of the upcoming educational opportunities.


Friday, April 6th, 2-4 PM

April's Theme: Chainmaille
Math and metal combine in this classic Maker Studio theme: The Art of Chainmaille! Learn how to create a basic 4-in-1 weave and then move into other traditional patterns. Try creating a bracelet, earrings, or hair clip!

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April 20th from 10am - 4pm / April 21st from 10 am - 4pm

Celebrate Earth Week by learning about the world around you! Check out hands-on activities to learn about the earth and its natural systems, and learn what you can do to help the environment.

Explore these hands-on experiences and more!

Weather, Erosion, and Deposition: Experiment with how wind and rain can drastically change the earth's surface.

Save Freddy the Fish: Explore how environmental engineers help clean up polluted streams and protect wildlife.

Decomposers: Learn about the smallest of creatures that have the biggest of jobs.

Rocks and Fossils: Get up close with specimens from the museum's collection to learn more about the rock cycle and how fossils are made.

Fossil Identification Day

April 21st from 10am - 2pm

Have you ever found a rock or fossil and wondered what it was? Bring it to the museum from 10am - 2pm to let an expert identify it for you!

All Systems Earth Homeschool Afternoon

Special extended hours for homeschool educators and children (2nd grade and above).

Friday, April 20th from 1:30pm - 4pm

DIY Flower bookmarks: Use real flowers to create unique bookmarks.

Sun Art: Use the sun to capture shadow art.

Design Your Own Flower Pot: Decorate a flower pot and take some seeds to plant at home.

Don't miss showings of Fragile Planet in the Noble Planetarium at 2pm and 3pm.

Celebrate Earth Week by learning about the world around you!
Check out hands-on activities to learn about topics such as
pollination, decomposition, geology, and weather. Discovery how
new energy sources can change our planet, and learn how you
can help protect the environment.


Fort Worth Museum of Science and History's Research and Learning Center aims to immerse Museum guests in the scientific discovery process as it brings researchers into the Innovation Studios to share their research with the public. Museum guests will have opportunities to learn from these scientists as they participate in current research studies, discuss research with the scientists and find out how the research impacts their day-to-day lives.

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Bring your homeschool group to the Museum to take part in our educational programming.
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For children ages 5 - 12 in grades K - 6

For over 67 years, Museum School has been a leader in informal science education. Whether the topic is dinosaurs, space, mammals, chemistry or physics, class curriculums and activities are designed so that students can construct their own knowledge of the world through hands-on experiences. The engaging environments are supported by enthusiastic educators that support the joy of learning through discovery. 

Museum School offers many exciting learning opportunities for school-age children who attend a traditional public or private school or who are homeschooled. These informal, discovery-based classes feature various STEM-based science topics enhanced with specimens and artifacts from the Museum’s teaching collection when relevant, science investigations, creative activities and other hands-on explorations.

Click HERE to download the Spring 2018 Museum School class brochure which has the schedule, class descriptions, fees and the registration instructions and form.

For questions about the school-age classes, call 817-255-9333 or 817-255-9335, Monday-Friday, 9 am to 4 pm, or send an Email to museumschool@fwmsh.orgClick HERE for information on Summer 2018 Museum School for ages 5-9.


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