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Connect with the museum’s awarding winning distance learning program with your classroom technology. We connect with schools in many different ways- via your classroom computer system or videoconferencing equipment-and allow your students to explore science, history and mathematics with our curators, staff and special guests.   

We offer over a dozen programs throughout the year.  Here are just a few favorites: 

STEM in Action: Scribblebots
The perfect combination of science, engineering and technology, scribblebots are motorized machines that move in chaotic ways, leaving interesting artistic patterns in their wake.  Collaborative teams of students will create an interactive robot that demonstrates the scientific concepts of electricity, force and motion with a wildly creative outcome.

Resolve to Dissolve
Students will experiment with different solutes and solvents and observe the reactions of each while actively collecting and interpreting data.

Eggs Everywhere
Learn about oviparous animals and their life cycles in a totally immersive program that will have your students observing, predicting and comparing.

Adaptation Exploration: Owls
Examine the form, functions and adaptive characteristics of owls. Your students will investigate owl pellets to learn about owls’ diets.
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Bird's the Word: Battle of the Beaks


Birds are one of the easiest animals to view in our neighborhood or out in the wild.  Through observation, we can investigate physical features, unique behaviors, and adaptation strategies that help birds to survive in the environment.

Birds are one of the easiest animals to view in our neighborhood or out in the wild.  Through observation, we can investigate physical features, unique behaviors, and adaptation strategies that help birds to survive in the environment.


All About Matter
Bubbles, eyedroppers, dry ice and liquid nitrogen are a part of an incredibly interactive program focusing on states and properties of matter.

Icy Science
Looking for a “chilling” experience with one of the oddest substances on the planet? Freeze some water, grab some salt and get involved in explorations that emphasize observation and questioning skills.

Geometric Transformations
Ready for a mind-bending, shape-shifting, totally interactive approach to geometry? We’ll build simple loops that, when cut along lines of symmetry, make surprising shapes.

Investigations in Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition

Your students will experience the processes of weathering, erosion and deposition as they use earth materials to gain a better understanding of earth science.

Questions? We welcome your calls and emails-817-255-9472 or distancelearning@fwmsh.org

For a complete listing of programs, schedules, costs and registration, visit www.connect2texas.net



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register?
    Visit www.connect2texas.net. On this web site you will find museums around Texas that offer programs. To find our museum, click the Calendar of Programs and Register button. Choose Fort Worth Museum of Science and History from the “Provider” pull down menu. You will find our complete listing of programs and times. Please schedule at least three weeks in advance.

  • What if the times on our calendar don’t fit your schedule?
    To request a special time for your program, call 817-255-9472 or distancelearning@fwmsh.org. Our staff will need three weeks’ notice to schedule the time of your choice. Please note: some programs cannot deviate from the online schedule.

  • What are the technology requirements?
    All Museum programs bridge through Education Service Center Region 11. We can connect via IP and desktop videoconferencing. Region 11 will arrange a test call with you prior to your program.  Visit here to learn more.

  • What are program fees?
    Our 50-minute program fee is $140 which includes a materials kit.

  • Is there a discount if I book multiple programs?
    Yes, save with a subscription! Book nine programs per school year and receive the next program free of charge.

  • What is the maximum group size?
    Programs have been created for individual classroom interaction. Program maximum is 30 students per session.




We welcome your calls and emails at 817-255-9472 or distancelearning@fwmsh.org.


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For a complete listing, program schedule, program costs and registration: connect2texas.net. The Distance Learning staff can't wait to visit your classroom virtually.


Fun Fact
When established in 1941, the Museum was the first children's museum in Texas and one of the first children's museums in the nation.

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